Securing the success and prosperity of the midmarket

Registration and networking breakfast
Chair’s welcome remarks
Keynote presentation: State of the midmarket
Opening panel: The role of midmarket private equity in economic growth

Whilst the evidence is that UK midmarket private equity can deliver healthy returns, the expansion of private markets means it is possible for investors to find equivalent performance elsewhere in the asset class.

  • Is the trend to write bigger tickets with fewer managers an existential crisis for the UK midmarket?
  • How does the industry catch the attention of the global superpowers in the US, Canada, Australia?
  • How does the industry evolve to be able to take bigger tickets from LPs - are fund of funds the only mechanism or would consolidation benefit the UK market?
  • What has happened in other markets to wrestle attention?

Wol Kolade, Managing Partner, Livingbridge
Henry Sallitt
, Managing Partner, FPE Capital
Merrick McKay
, Head of Private Equity, Abrdn

Panel: Unlocking pension capital - how are we measuring up?

Regulatory changes to pensions reform that seek to channel more pension contributions into private assets. How are we faring on progress?

Emily Archer, CFA, Managing Director, Harbourvest

Networking break
Panel: From one-trick ponies to herding assets

The transition from corporate raider to investment partner has led to more creative transactions that broaden the opportunity set and sustain returns in any market condition - so where does it go from here? This panel unpicks the evolution of managers from buyout shops to multi-asset firms investing across the capital structure and at each stage of a company’s journey - and asks, where does it go next?

Mauro Moretti, Founder and Managing Partner, Three Hills Capital
Jamie Roberts,
Partner and Head of Investments South, YFM
Vytautas Plunksnis
, Partner/ Investment Committee, INVL

    Panel: Is the grass always greener when going it alone?

    Follow a founder’s story. What was the experience of setting up an independent manager after building a reputation in a leadership role at a well-respected GP?

    Oliver Thomas, Founder and Managing Partner, Expedition Capital

    Mike Reid, Founder and Senior Partner, Frog Capital
    Nigel Hammond
    , Managing Partner, Vespa Capital

    Fireside chat: Growth capital for GPs

    What has been the experience of GPs that have taken on their own “growth capital”? View from GP-stakes investor on trends in the market, what they’re seeing as the strategy evolves and how they can spot a winner.

    Lunch break and networking
    Fireside chat: What do companies need to strengthen productivity?

    Productivity gains hold the key to economic growth. Why does the UK fall behind? What do companies need address in order to boost output?

    James Paget, Founding Partner, Limerston

    Panel: Where next for the buyout?

    Rewind 20 years and the buyout was synonymous with the deals that midmarket private equity did. Yet, the art of the buyout has had to adapt. This session digs into what market expansion and increased competition has meant for origination - and the posture that firms need to continue to succeed.

    Tassilo Arnhold, Co- Managing Partner, AnaCap
    Alex Bowden
    , Partner, Synova
    Susanne Pike
    , Partner and Head of Origination, ECI
    Pawel Gierynski
    , Managing Partner, Abris 

    Panel: The future of credit

    Charting the rise of private credit and decline of banks as source of funding. What does it mean for capital markets? How big can the industry get?

    Roxana Mirica, Partner, Apax
    Stephen Edwards, Co- Managing Partner, Soho Square
    Chris Roper
    , Partner, Apera
    Tim Johnston
    , Managing Director, Fidelity International

    Networking break
    Panel: Private equity and accelerating the sustainable transition - a report card

    The widespread integration of ESG, expansion of impact capital and urgency of environmental action have all improved the conditions for sustainable strategies to thrive. How would we mark the effects to date and what more there is to do?

    Sabrina Fox, Chief Executive Officer, European Leveraged Finance Association (ELFA)

    Eimear Palmer, Partner and Global Head of ESG, Pantheon
    Elin Ljung, Managing Director, Head of Communications & Sustainability, Nordic Capital
    Valerie Monk
    , Risk & Compliance and Interim ESG Director, Montagu
    Bettina Denis
    , Head of Sustainability, Revaia

    Fireside chat: Achieving decarbonisation through different flavours of private markets

    Innovative companies are helping the heaviest emitting sectors in the real economy to achieve their net zero goals. How do different private markets strategies view the opportunity set? Where does there remain an opportunity for more capital to be deployed?

    James Brooks, Founding Partner, Stanley Capital

    Interview: Why innovative companies fund themselves abroad - and how to reverse the trend

    Companies reach a certain stage of their growth then hit a capital crunch. How can we identify more sources of funding outside the US? What does a home-grown growth fund look like?

    Closing remarks and networking drinks